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The Next Stage in U.S.-New Zealand Relations

A Deepening Pacific Partnership

By Murray Hiebert

Sep 30, 2015

Источник: http://csis.org/publication/next-stage-us-new-zealand-relations

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The United States and New Zealand share a raft of common interests that underpin their relationship. The two are of a like mind on many priorities in the twenty-first century. These intersections result in cooperation on trade policy including in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, defense and security, climate policy, cybersecurity, human rights, and international development.

One of the biggest challenges to U.S.-New Zealand relations going forward is the risk of complacency, of taking each other for granted, and missing out on new opportunities to expand bilateral engagement. This report explores the current state of relations ranging from politics and security to trade and investment, and provides some suggestions in each area for deepening bilateral ties. It ends by looking beyond the capitals of each country to suggest some new areas outside the “Beltway” where the two countries could explore deepening their relations.